About Us

Saucy Boutique - "Let's Get Excited".

Saucy Boutique is an online sex shop based in Scotland and was founded by John Young around 18 months ago, starting off life as an off-the-shelf sex toys website that served its purpose but wasn’t quite what he wanted and he knew we could achieve better.

"I wanted to push the boat out and come up with something a little more unique than that, since there were a lot of similar templated sex shop websites out there…

So I chucked the old website in the bin and started again! We’ve been through a lot of heartache to get Saucy to where we are now (thanks to difficulties with banks and credit card companies, and even social media sites like Facebook), but the more obstacles that were thrown in my way, the more I was determined to succeed.

Having a beer one night I was looking for a new challenge and decided, as you do, to open a sex shop!

I knew I had all the skills in house – design, tech, marketing, retail, sales, delivery knowledge and so on – so I knew we had a chance of putting something together that clients might enjoy.

My wife was on board with the idea (thankfully) and so Saucy Boutique was born. She looks after all the social media accounts and dealing with enquiries, finding influencers, creating videos and the general day to day running of the business. With over 6,500 products in the warehouse it's a full time job for both of us.

I wanted to get away from the squeaky-clean look of the others and go back to being a bit raunchier, darker and just generally sexier, than the Amazon-type selling of some of our competitors. I hate all the cheap looking special offer signs on everyone else's site, so I just decided to offer a fair price for a fair product and keep the site clean and simple. Maybe a gamble - but then that's me!

We have huge plans for Saucy Boutique moving forward and it’s our mission to introduce video content, music downloads, blogging, and appeal more to a wider dynamic. We want to create an experience for shopping not just a cold hard sell.

I officially launched Saucy Boutique on Valentine’s Day and have built up a very satisfied customer base in that time. If you want to find out what all the fuss and serious fun is about, browse our online adult sex shop and see what an extensive selection of sex toys we have for you to choose from".

You’ll never be disappointed in the bedroom, bathroom, sitting room, car, in fact anywhere, again!

"Let's get excited".