About Us

Saucy Boutique ...enter at your pleasure.

We had a vision to produce a website that was not full of adverts, multi-colours, pop ups and millions of special offers all leading to confuse the buyer.

We wanted to produce a simple clean uncluttered website that made a wonderful viewing experience for you guys.


We decided to dump everything extraneous and concentrate on good old fashioned shopping - FIND IT, POP IT INTO YOUR BASKET and then BUY IT. EASY.

At Saucy Boutique we aim to bring you more of an experience than just a shop. We hope to bring some good tunes, great videos, some very creative imagery and most of all we want you to have fun and keep coming back for more.

Where we have links to music, click them and then click back to us and enjoy shopping with great tunes playing in the background. Dead easy and fun.

We will regularly be updating the website and social media pages and we would love to hear from you guys, what you would like to see and what you think of the site.

We're new to this but that wont stop us having a crack at the big boys.

In fact they've already started to promote us for FREE.

Thank you "Lovehoney" keep up the good work. Its a "Bare Faced Cheek" but any advertising is good advertising for us. Hahahaha.

We believe in SAUCY BOUTIQUE and we hope you believe in us too.

Millions of thanks - The Saucy Team.

PS. Remember to tell all your friends about us.