2020 certainly hasn’t been the most helpful year for our sex lives. Although being stuck in lockdown did lead a lot more of us to experiment with toys and with our partners, that doesn’t mean we might not have found ourselves in a sex rut.

If you feel as though your sex life is in something of a rut, you’re definitely not alone, as Glamour recently revealed.

The magazine shared research conducted by Brook, the sexual health charity, and Canesten, which found that lower sexual desire has been one of the main impacts of isolation and lockdown.

How do you fix that? If you’re coupled up the solution is to talk with your partner. If you’re single, however, this is harder to fix, especially as a woman, because “female sexual desire is largely responsive” Kate Moyle, psychosexual therapist, told the publication.

Another effect of lockdown, particularly for women, is lower body confidence and this can extend to vaginas and vulvas. Being naked in front of a partner for the first time can make you feel vulnerable, so what can you do to boost your body (and vagina) confidence?

One of the top tips is to indulge in some self exploration. “Get to know your body more. When you are in the bath, shower or just lying in bed at night, familiarise yourself with your body,” Ms Moyle recommended.

If you’re ready to take that exploration into the realms of sexual pleasure, you could start by purchasing some adult lubricants and even consider sex toys and dildos.

If you have been struggling with low libido, but want to get back on track with your partner, take a look at some of our tips to turn yourself on super fast. Re-reading past sexts is a great one, as is giving yourself time to slip into a sexy daydream. 

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