For women who are wanting to break free of the standard missionary or doggy positions, getting on top of your man can seem like a natural progression, but it can be a little awkward. What do you do with your hips? Where should you be looking? What about your hands? How do you look?

Discovering the greatest sexual positions you can achieve with your partner can vary from incredible to awkward, and that includes the cowgirl position. Getting it right and mastering the sex-on-top position and achieving orgasm might have just been made easier thanks to a tip discovered on Twitter!

If you’re a Twitter user, you might have noticed recently that women across the entire world have discovered the ultimate trick for incredible sex-on-top. Apparently, they’re spelling out the word ‘coconut’ with their hips during sex to make it feel amazing for all concerned. Ride ‘em, cowgirl!

But why is this a thing, you might ask? Many people might think it’s just the latest Twitter joke or trend that will be replaced by the next viral tweet in mere hours or days, but this tip is actually very beneficial for everyone.

To begin with, ‘coconut’ is easy to remember, and spell! Using your hips to spell out the word when you’re riding on top requires a certain pattern of movement that will feel absolutely amazing.

Sexologist Carol Queen, PhD explained: The more motion you work into on-top intercourse, the more complexity you stimulate for yourself and your partner

Having a word to spell might take your attention away from less sexy feelings like, Im not sure what to door I feel exposed and nervous.’”

Working your hips towards the goal of the big ‘O’ can provide your mind with something else to think about rather than fixating on any worries, insecurities, or in the moment worries. And no, he can’t tell you had three slices of pizza for lunch!

However, you don’t have to stick to the word ‘coconut’. You can choose any word you like, and any long word will involve plenty of hip movement, changes in direction, and the round and up-and-down motions that will ultimately stimulate you both.

Maybe instead of ‘coconut’ while riding your man, you can choose any word you like, maybe something sexy, a favourite phrase, his name, or yours, or your celebrity crush (he won’t know what your spelling out!), favourite food, films, TV shows… whatever you want.

Maybe experiment with different words and see if there’s a word you like the best, and go for it! Think about letters that have changes in direction, such as Z, N, M, S, or H. Maybe you might even want to use your hips to describe the alphabet!

It’s a brilliant way of controlling and achieving your orgasm, and even helping to close the ‘gender pleasure gap’.

What words do you want to try and spell? Or what words have you tried and work the best?

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