If you’ve ever wandered into a sex shop, the vast array of dick-shaped, veiny dildos can be intimidating for some. The image of silicone penises might be the first image that pops to mind when you think of ‘dildo’, but there’s much more variety than that, there’s many that are smooth and sleek, or textured with bumps and grooves, and many of them are curved.

If you’re hoping to dispel the reported masturbation gap, but new to the varying types of dildos available and unsure what to consider when buying one, then we have the basics for you before you start shopping.


Bigger isn’t always better

Unless you already know that bigger really feels better for your body, then a large dildo might not be the way forward. Consider any pleasurable penetration experiences, or too much, or not enough, and think about the size of the fingers, object, penis, or whatever it was you did or didn’t like, and choose accordingly.


Know the difference between vibrators and dildos

While getting creative with sex toys can be incredible fun, you will achieve the best out of your toys when you know the purpose they are designed for. Dildos are meant for insertion and do not vibrate, while vibrators can be insertable, and do vibrate, of course, but can be used for clitoral stimulation. Dildos are for people who enjoy simple penetration.


Can dildos make you orgasm?

This can depend on how you use them. A dildo might not help with clitoral stimulation, but you might want to use the dildo while rubbing your clit with your fingers, or with a vibrator.

A dildo can be used for anal orgasms. If you’re a cisgender woman, anal dildos can help you achieve orgasm by indirectly stimulating the A-spot in the vagina. For cis-gendered men, it’s possible to orgasm via prostate stimulation, aka, the P-spot. It may all depend on the shape and the features of a dildo.


Which materials are safest for dildos?

The safest materials for sex toys are the kinds that are easiest to clean, such as silicone, glass, metal, and hard plastics as they are non-porous. Dildos made out of other materials that are not as easy to keep clean, then you should use a condom with it.

However, do avoid toys made out of jelly rubber, which is formulated with a chemical softener called phthalates, which is considered to be toxic.

Finally, don’t forget to use lube with your dildo

A good lubricant is always a good idea, and even more so with dildos and sex toys. The materials that dildos are made from have more friction than the skin, so to ensure your experience is smooth and slick, use your favourite lube with your dildo for the greatest fun times. If you do have silicone toys, then don’t use silicone lube, always go for a water-based one.

If you’re looking to add to your toy box and looking for great cheap dildos online in the UK, then visit our store today!

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