Sometimes, just sometimes there’s a need to get horny, and fast. Particularly when there isn’t time to prime your body for a long, delicious masturbation session. Maybe it’s when you know you need to get out of bed soon in the morning, or between Zoom meetings.

Perhaps your partner isn’t around so you can climb on top and perfect that reverse cowboy position, but your body is screaming out for an orgasm before it’ll let you get on with your day, and why should you deny it? Let those feel-good endorphins out!

We’ve compiled an expert list of what you can do to get the job done quickly!


1. Play *that* song

We all have that one song, that makes us feel like a sexual goddess whether you’re killing it on the dance floor, or getting busy beneath the sheets. That tune does all sorts of things to your body, making you feel sexy and horny, so put it on, crank up the volume and move your body to the beat.


2. Compile a stash of erotic stories, audio clips, and/or images that just do it for you

Create a private folder on your phone or tablet, whether that’s on an app, such as the Notes app or Camera Roll, and keep a wank-bank of things that turn you on for occasions such as this.


3. Think yourself into a sexy daydream

Take a moment to lie down on your bed, close your eyes and imagine a sexy, kinky, or erotic fantasy. If you drift off to sleep, you’ll have an awesome sexy dream, and if not, you’ve given yourself a moment to indulge yourself in some steamy thoughts for future use or a closer understanding of what you want in bed.


4. Re-read your past sexts

Sexting can be the gift that keeps on giving. It can be exciting and amazing in the moment, and you can always relive those moments by re-reading the hot messages you’ve sent and received at a later date. You person on the other end of the messages might not be in your life anymore, but the fantasies are yours to relive whenever you want.


5. Turn on your self-timer and do a boudoir shoot for yourself

Taking sexy snaps for a lover is all good and fine, but there’s something special about taking some photographs that celebrate your body for just yourself that can be something special, to see yourself as a coveted object of desire. Try on your sexiest silk dressing gown, favourite lingerie, or go completely naked, and be adventurous with the self-timer or a mirror.

Taking photos just for yourself can often make you feel less self-conscious about the entire process, and it can make you feel empowered and hot as hell!


6. Browse for new sex toys

Simply browsing the latest toys and news ways to get yourself off can really ramp up the horn. Pro tip: The reviews are where the really hot content is.


7. Take a hot shower and then walk around naked

You’re naked already, you look fresh, hot, and there’s an invigorating hot shower. Use some of your favourite, sexy smelly bath stuffs, lotion yourself completely afterwards, and just be yourself. Admire yourself in the mirror, and enjoy your body. No phones, no distractions, just you and your hot naked body!


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