We’re all missing those little touches of affection from friends and lovers, hugs, friendly kisses on the cheek, and especially those full-on, passionate, oh-wow, kisses.

But while we’re all bumping elbows and doing our best to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, it’s a good time to brush up on your kissing etiquette for when you next get chance to lock lips with that special person.


1. Don't put your tongue before your mouth

Lead with your lips, there’s little that can ruin the moment than a forceful tongue thrust in your mouth. Take it slow, kissing is divine, and don’t neglect the foreplay of lip on lip action, before you go for full penetration!


2. Stop thinking so much about your next move

Lose yourself in the moment, and just enjoy kissing, it’s not a tactical move, so stop overanalysing what to do next, or trying to anticipate your kissing partner’s next move. It’s not chess. You’ll only take yourself out of the moment and ruin the vibe.


3. You can only take teasing so far

Teasing is fun, for both parties, but if you keep pulling away when you’re giving him/her teasing little kisses, they’ll feel like you’re just messing with them. Stop it.


4. Don’t get bitey!

If you know they’re not into hard biting, then don’t lead with that. Work up to a bit of a nibble by all means, but they’re not a meal, and won’t appreciate you sinking your teeth into them.


5. Passion is good

But avoid headbutting them. Applying pressure is fine, but if they’re forever leaning away, backing off, then ease up. Although, while bearing that in mind…


6. Lean in!

You’re not going for a peck with your fragile old grandma. Gentle is a great place to start, but there’s a reason why the best kisses are hard and passionate, not soft and sleepy.


7. Pay attention

Not to be confused number 2 above, but simply pay attention to them, and how they are kissing you, as that is likely how they would like you to kiss them, at least to begin with, then allow yourself to be lost in the moment.


8. There’s more than just the lips

Start with the lips, let’s not get weird… yet. But please may we introduce to you the neck, the ears, the cheeks, and the nose. All very kissable places for very different reasons.


9. Don’t drift off

Hopefully, you’re kissing someone you’re really into. After all the self-distancing and lockdown, don’t waste that first kiss on someone undeserving just for the sake of physical contact! So remind yourself of that, and how much you want to kiss that person. Losing yourself in the moment is the wrong time to let your mind drift to what you need to pick up at the supermarket or a new wardrobe organisational plan, or did you feed the cat before you came out…

Kissing is wonderful. And vastly underrated. And done right will almost certainly lead to fun, sexy times with much less clothing. Or perhaps, if you’re very good, bedroom fantasy costumes, which you can buy from our online store!

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