There’s little better than getting filthy while getting clean in the shower, getting all lathered up and indulging in an orgasm before going about your day. Or at the end of the day. Or in the middle of the day… anytime really!

While an Australian study has revealed that it’s time for women to close the masturbation gap, there’s no better place to find a private, relaxing retreat. Plus the sensations of the water, cleansing yourself, and masturbating is a healing experience.

So, let’s have a look at some expert tips for getting busy in the shower!

How do I masturbate in the shower?

Whether you’re new to the idea, or just seeing if you can pick up a few handy tips, there are some things to keep in mind before getting down and dirty clean. Firstly, make sure the bathtub, showerhead, and taps are all clean. The last thing you need is an unexpected infection.

Also, avoid any harsh chemicals, as you do not want them getting in contact with your sensitive parts.

Once that rather unsexy part of masturbation foreplay is over with, and you’re in the mood to explore, experiment with what feels good, depending on the shape and structure of your bathtub or shower. Try switching between using your fingers, the showerhead, and different toys.

If your shower doesn’t have a detachable showerhead, prop your leg up and use your hands, fingers and toys. If you have a shower/bath combo, lie on your back and use the water pressure from the tap or showerhead, and play with the settings and pressure on your clitoris.

Of course, do not use the showerhead or the tap for penetrative masturbation, only to stimulate the clitoris. Always check the water temperature beforehand, and ensure the pressure isn’t too hard to cause pain. You can always gradually turn up the pressure if you need!

Experiment with different settings, positions and techniques until you find something that you enjoy, and don’t be afraid to mix it up in new ways.

Another safety aspect to consider is the possibility of slipping and falling, so invest in a non-slip shower or bath mat. Find a position that is comfortable and secure, and maybe something to grab onto if you start to feel unsteady. It might be an idea to have your phone within reach in case you need to call for help! Or perhaps take some sexy selfies!

If you’ve nailed your technique, then there are ways to make it even hotter!

Put on some of your favourite sexy music, which can also drown out any moans if you’re not alone in the house. If they ask, tell them you were signing!

Maybe try an erotic audiobook or one narrated by a favourite actor.

Light incense or a candle.

Bring your toys to play with.

Prepare a glass of wine to drink for after!

Consider the whole experience as your very own private erotic pampering session. And, if you’re feeling generous, maybe invite your partner to join in too!

However you go about it, the main idea behind masturbating in the shower is to relax and unwind, and to feel good! Self-pleasure reduces stress, gets rid of headaches, and can release all sorts of creative juices!

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