You could be forgiven for thinking that sex toys are solely aimed at women and helping them achieve mind-blowing orgasms - and of course there are plenty of toys on the market that can do just that.

But if you’ve never dipped your toe (ahem) into the world of sex toys, you might be surprised to learn that there is an excellent selection of pleasure toys for men to enjoy too.

There are toys for your solo pleasure, as well as ones that you can enjoy with a partner. As the Independent recently explained, male sex toys typically fall into two categories - prostate toys and anal insertables.

In fact, there is so much choice you might find it a little overwhelming. If you’re new to this, one of the best options to start with is a small butt plug if you want to explore the world of prostate toys.

Another direction to go in are what are known as sleeves or massagers. These are designed to feel like a vagina and, again, there are a host of options available, some of which are more discreet than others.

If you’re coupled up, talk to your partner about exploring toys together as there are plenty designed for couples to enjoy.

Cock rings are a good place to begin if you’re looking for something that will give both of you pleasure while you’re in the sack.

A survey in the US found that lockdown had encouraged more couples to talk about their sexual fantasies, as well as to try new ‘sexperiences’ such as sexting and trying out new positions in the bedroom.

Maybe you could add dabbling with male sex toys to that list?

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