If your lockdown is in a full house it can be very tricky getting the privacy you desperately need. We have some of the best positions to try during a sneaky sex session where the kids could burst in at any second, and how to make the most of every second of privacy during lockdown - whether your flatmate's gone out to exercise or your kids are having a nap.

While the shower is obvious, but tried and tested place for bathroom sex, the sink might provide sturdy support for some antics. Run the shower to disguise any noise and sit on the sink. Then your partner stands in front of you and thrusts, holding onto your hips for stability.

Should you find you have a few spare minutes in the bedroom, but have concerns over the kids bursting in, try swapping spooning for this new position. Lie on your stomach with your legs together so your partner can penetrate you from behind - with your legs closed to increase friction.

Press your pelvis against the bed and grind against it, using your fingers for extra clitoral stimulation. You’ll orgasm faster and it’s easy for him to roll off and the two of you to pretend to be cuddling.


Lap lovers

For a rare moment of privacy on the sofa, sit on his lap, cover yourselves with a blanket for modesty, and stick on Netflix as a cover. Sit on your partner's lap, with both of you facing the TV, holding on to his thighs to balance yourself.

Then, you can ‘milk’ his penis using your pelvic floor muscles to squeeze him rhythmically or move in small circles against him.

You might want to pleasure each other with toys, so visit our online sex shop today for lubes, costumes, and much more.

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