You might not think that geography would play a part in how kinky you are in the bedroom, or otherwise, but new research from Quidco shows that certain parts of the UK are a bit more experimental and saucy than others.

The Mirror recently shared the findings of a survey by the money saving discount site, which revealed that Worcester is the place where people are most likely to spice up their sex lives at the moment.

The website based its findings on which parts of the country purchased the most sex toys in the UK during March and April when the country was in full lockdown. It also revealed that, during the first two weeks of lockdown alone, sex toy sales climbed by an impressive 25 per cent.

The people of Worcester purchased more adult sex toys in the UK than anywhere else during this period, with those living in Galashiels, Sutton, Telford and Dorchester completing the top five.

Bournemouth, Salisbury, Stoke-on-Trent, Stevenage and Bath completed the top ten towns in terms of the rising number of sex toys being bought in recent months.

When it comes to regions, the south-east saw the biggest boost in sexy sales, with 3.22 per cent more purchases of adult items than earlier in the year. The south-west was in second place, while East Anglia, the north-west and Scotland rounded off the top five.

Chief marketing officer at Quidco Chris Hutchings commented: “During lockdown, sex toys and accessories seem to be in demand the world over; New Zealand recently revealed that lonely isolators and bored couples have caused sex toy sales to triple, so it’s not really surprising we’re seeing the same surge in demand.”

Of course, if you’ve been in isolation with your partner and you’ve barely been leaving the house, it might feel like it’s a challenge to be sexy rather than feel like a slob around them. But take a look at our top tips to keep your sex life as sexy as possible while you’re spending so much time together.

One of our top suggestions is to think about what other parts of the home you can explore together. Don’t just stick to the bedroom - use other locations and furniture as a way of exploring different positions and having a bit of kinky fun.

In fact, trying a new position (or several new positions - we’ve all got plenty of time) is another of our top tips. Try not to fall into old habits. Talk to your partner about any positions you’re keen to try and see if you can work them out together.

Don’t be afraid to introduce toys to your sex life either. This is a great opportunity to experiment with different sensations and products. Get a vibrator, a cockring or even a butt plug on the go if you’re feeling risque.

Taking the time to just talk to one another about what you like and what you’d like to try in the bedroom can be just as important at the moment. With our fast-paced lives it can be easy to grab sex as and when you have time, but if you slow down and explore your passions and desires the results could be mind blowing.  

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