While being in lockdown with your partner can have its own set of challenges, for those who now find a few miles of separation now counts as a long-distance relationship, keeping the spark alive can be difficult to manage.

As much as you'd like to be in the same bed every night, even without a pandemic, careers, commitments and life in general sometimes keeps people apart. But this doesn't mean you’re no less serious about each other, nor any less attracted to each other. 

But during these unprecedented times, people in long-distance relationships have to get a bit more creative. There are plenty of ways to get down and dirty, regardless of whether you’re separated by mere miles or across continents.

Here are some tips for long-distance relationships. 

Surprise Each Other With Dirty Gifts

While flower and chocolates and wine are never inappropriate gifts, up the ante with some saucy surprises! Look online to see if there are any sex toys, X-rated comic books, or sexy movies your partner will enjoy. An idea for something you can both enjoy together is an app-controlled sex toy, for that long-distance stimulation!

Get Creative With Your Sexting

There’s no one who doesn’t enjoy receiving a racy selfie from their significant other, but there are easy ways to up your game, with just a bit of forethought. Take some sexy pics in different locations, away from the bathroom mirror. While it’s not easy to get outside to take photos during the lockdown, make use of every room in your house, and experiment!

And, of course, you can always use your words. Here are 50 sample sext ideas to get your started.

Don't Forget About Snail Mail

We live in an age of instantaneous global communication with our texts, emails, phone and video calls. But there is little as erotic and intimate as handwriting a letter to your partner, detailing just what you want to do to them, or vice versa. Get your best stationery, and add a couple of drops of your best aftershave or perfume.

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