If you’re self-isolating with your partner, it might feel like just the right opportunity to jump into bed for some good old adult fun, get a hit of the happy hormones, dopamine and endorphins, but as the lockdown stretches on, there’s a danger of our sex lives becoming stale

So to avoid this, and make sure lockdown stays sexy, we have some top tips on how to keep the romance and lust alive and kicking!


Think outside the box (bedroom) 

How much of your home have you and your partner explored together? Take a look around and see the dining room table, the kitchen counter, or maybe the new office chair you bought for working from home.

Take your sexy time out of the bed and bedroom, and be creative! Think up against the wall, up against a mirror, the shower, kitchen tops and for those of you who want to be more risqué, maybe use your balcony or up against the window. 

Just maybe avoid going outside!


Mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation has been predicted to be one of the big sexualtrends to define the next generation. Masturbating with a partner helps you learn about each other’s bodies and a great way to show them exactly how they like to be stroked and touched.

A bonus to mutual masturbation is that you’re effectively teasing each other, which could add to the eventual climax.


Don’t have sex

Take the time to explore a different area of self-development, for example, sex and sexuality. The common misunderstanding is that changing your sex life all has to happen in the bedroom or with a partner. But exploring new podcasts, Ted Talks, books, online courses and workbooks can help you to expand your thinking and open up your perspective and learning when it comes to sex.


Get the toys out

It’s a fine opportunity to get out your battery-powered friends and introduce them to your partner. If you have toys with apps that you can choose vibrations, then get your partner to be in a separate room and try different vibrations and intensities from afar” - give them the control.


Try a new sex position

Not that there’s anything wrong with the tried and tested positions, but no matter your sexual athletic skills, there’s always room to try something new.

    The sea turtle: One person curls their legs up and the other enters from a kneeling position (penis or strap-on required). Use a pillow to raise the recipient’s lower back, so their partner can stroke their body at  the same time.

   The upside-down cake: It’s super-easy. Just find a stable surface, like a table, where one person lies down flat on their back on something that supports their weight, while the other person, er, thrusts.

   The ease-in: Lay on your back comfortably while the other person eases in backwards. Couples can enjoy varying the angle of penetration to stimulate different sensations or throw in a toy for some extra vibrations.


All you need to keep the fires of lust and desire burning is a little imagination and take the opportunity to learn more about each other.

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