If you’re looking for some fun things to do with your other half during lockdown, we’d recommend heading to the bedroom.

Now that you and your significant other are going to be spending a lot of downtime together without any interruptions, it’s the perfect opportunity to try some new and fun things in the bedroom.

In fact, it seems that some Brits have been so eager to get started on their bedroom antics that they can’t even wait for an order of bondage instruments to arrive in the post. The Sun revealed that Brits are pretty adept at adapting humble household objects to sex toys when the mood takes them.

The newspaper shared research from EOT Cleaning Company, which found that 86 per cent of those surveyed will use a spatula in the bedroom if they don’t have any spanking implements like paddles to hand.

What’s more, 85 per cent of those questioned said that they’d used scarves as improvised bondage with their partner.

Interestingly, 82 per cent said that they’d worn marigold rubber gloves in the bedroom - maybe they’re trying to recreate Brad Pitt’s infamous scene from Fight Club? Also near the top of the list was a duster - 81 per cent said they’d used this in the sack with their partner. 

Another firm favourite is a mirror. 72 per cent revealed that watching themselves was something they’d tried - we agree, it can be very sexy.

Other household items that couples admitted to taking into the bedroom to spice up their fun between the sheets included sponges, heels and broomsticks. If we’re honest, we’re not sure we want to know about all of the games some couples have been getting up to!

Earlier this month, the Metro revealed that sex toy sales around the world had skyrocketed, with more and more countries facing the prospect of a prolonged lockdown or at the very least stringent social distancing measures.

The news provider revealed that sales in the UK were up by a modest 13 per cent in the first two months of the year. Italy, meanwhile, saw sales climb by 60 per cent and in Canada they jumped by 135 per cent. 

If you’re going to be self isolating alone, you certainly shouldn’t be without a trusty vibrator (or three) to see you through this enforced alone time. 

And, of course, couples can have some fun choosing sex toys that they can try together in the bedroom. There’s nothing quite like spending an evening browsing for a new sex toy that you’ll both enjoy, and then the anticipation of waiting for it to arrive in the post. 

Forget about stockpiling toilet paper and instead focus on items that will make your time in lockdown more pleasurable. 

Don’t forget that standard vibrators aren’t your only option either - there are nipple vibrators, anal sex beads, vibrating eggs and dildos available from our UK store, so think about your deepest sexual fantasies and enjoy having the time to explore your body, whether you’re on your own or on lockdown with a partner.  

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