Oral sex is wonderful, no matter whether your preference is to give or receive. And believe it or not, there are both men and women who are not that keen on receiving. There are probably many reasons why this is, and perhaps one is that they have only ever had hastily rushed efforts that just don’t do the trick.

From a man’s point of view, it’s important to take your time, especially when giving head.

For several reasons, it’s understandable for the desire to get it done and over with. For either sex, those who genuinely adore performing oral sex, there can come a time when you just want it to be done and over with and move on to the next course. Your jaw is sore, and your neck is getting stiff, and you just want your lover to come!

But knowing this is no reason to rush. Too many oral sex sessions start too quickly, which can delay things in the end.

Ejaculation is as much mental as it is physical. Creating a situation where he's relaxed, turned on and, most importantly, anticipatory, is as important as anything you do with your lips, tongue, throat or hands.

Consider starting very slow with deep passionate licks up and down his thighs, around his testicles and the base of his shaft. Go down on his belly button and man-tummy for a while. Tickle his boy-gina with your tongue. 

Give him a light job (this is where you give him a handjob but barely touch his penis, so it's like half-caress, half HJ). Do all of this for minutes, not seconds, before you even consider putting his penis in your mouth.

And when you do, once again, take your time. Start super slow and work up to the rhythm you normally start with. Take your time. You'll notice a difference, and it may even speed things up.

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