Are you looking for ways of making sex more pleasurable for you and your partner? If so, you might want to look into the six minute rule.

Not heard of it? The Metro has been enlightening us about how it all works. The main idea behind it is that you actually don’t need to dedicate a whole lot of time to boost your (and your partner’s) sexual pleasure.

In fact, six minutes is all that it takes. Well, that’s according to a study commissioned by Trojan condoms and the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada. After surveying 1,500 Canadians aged between 18 and 24, they found that at least six minutes of “pre-sex affectionate behaviour” meant couples were more likely to feel sexually satisfied.

This includes cuddling, kissing and foreplay, so make sure you don’t skip this when you jump into the sack. Interestingly, when this kind of affectionate behaviour was also repeated after sex, again for at least six minutes, couples were left feeling even more satisfied.

Robin Milhausen, sexuality professor at the University of Guelph, spoke to Refinery29 about the study, with the Metro also reporting on her comments.

She stated: “We’re vulnerable, we feel relaxed, we feel really connected and so, that’s a perfect time for intimacy that can lead to more sexual satisfaction.”

However, the newspaper pointed out that six minutes should be the minimum amount of time you spend on foreplay and other affectionate behaviour, not the maximum.

There’s nothing wrong with making your foreplay last considerably longer than this, and we’ve certainly got plenty of adult sex toys in the UK that you can both enjoy and experiment with.

The news provider also pointed out that this six minutes of affection before and after intercourse is more important for women than for men. The research found that, while the amount of time spent on foreplay has very little impact on a man’s ability to orgasm, the same can’t be said for women.

Some 61 per cent, in fact, said that they won’t reach orgasm without having some kind of foreplay and, you guessed it, this needs to last for at least six minutes. 

Couples with children may find it particularly hard to carve out time for themselves, and their sex lives can suffer if they don’t take the time to nurture this side of their relationships.

Writing for the Guardian recently, Clover Stroud recently shared some top tips that have allowed her and her partner Pete to enjoy a fulfilling sex life despite having six children.

One of her top pieces of advice is to fit a lock to the bedroom door, so that you don’t have to worry about being interrupted. She also stressed the importance of having sex as often as possible.

“When you’ve had sex, don’t allow yourselves not to bother again for another month, but have sex again the next day too,” she asserted. This is advice we can get behind! It’s also about finding moments that you can spend together as a couple - and not just to have sex.

Clover revealed that even simple things, like going grocery shopping together, can remind you of the bond you have as a couple without the children involved. 

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