Don’t we all wish that sometimes we could go back and have a word with our younger selves, drop a few choice pieces of advice? It’s almost certain that the older we get, the better sex we have, as we become more comfortable with ourselves, and our bodies. Here’s some tips women wish they could pass on, from your UK online sex shop.

Glamourmagazine recently published a list of sex positions favoured by women, that guarantee an incredible orgasm every time. But what other tips are there to give a saucy boost to your sex life?

Showing your partner what you like, and telling them just how you like it is a fine place to start. Masturbate in front of him, it will turn him on so much watching you please yourself, and will let him know just exactly what you like in bed. It’s literally taking the matter in to your own hands!

Using toys and mainly only being able to orgasm with the assistance of a battery operated friend is nothing to be ashamed of. Use it with him, and in front of him, he might learn a thing or two. Don’t feel awkward about buying one either, it’ll be your best purchase that year.

One piece of advice that many women will wish they had when younger is to stop asking themselves, “what would he like?” Worrying before a date about purely pleasing him is a concern many women have, but prioritise yourself first, don’t neglect your own pleasure. Not forgetting that men are creatures of simple pleasures anyway!

A final important tip, is never to worry about how you look during sex. You do not have to live up to the unrealistic perfect standards set by porn, and you’ll enjoy it all less if your main concern is your performance and appearance. Let go and just enjoy yourself.

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