As the festive period begins, and the New Year approaches, many of us try to plan our resolutions for the next 12 months. Why not have a look at these ideas to invigorate your sex life for 2020, and find all the gifts, toys, and accessories you’ll need in our online UK sex shop.


Let’s start with one of the most important things, get tested! Most STIs are asymptomatic, meaning you could have them, and be passing them on, without knowing. Commit to having a healthy sex life for you and your parter. Testing is easy and discrete, so don’t wait, get it done now!


It could be a good time of year to try new things. Discuss your fantasies with your partner, see what excites you both, whether it’s dressing up, exploring using toys, or perhaps your first time with anal play and sex. Don’t hold back, and open up a whole new world of liberating, and exciting adventures.


No one escapes Christmas without putting on a little extra weight, all that fine food and drink takes its toll on our collective waistlines, and a week off work of lounging in front of the TV has us feeling stiff and sore. Start the new year with a bit extra exercise. Limber up, stretch those muscles, and feel fitter. Even just taking a walk will increase your overall fitness and stamina for those all night steamy sessions!


Keeping some lube handy is something we should all be doing. Don’t suffer uncomfortable or painful sex, and a few drops of lube can add a whole new dimension of pleasure, whether you're with a partner or by yourself.


Go to bed with someone in 2020 without a goal in mind. Forget the endgame, just jump in to bed, explore each other, and discover things you might not have already found! Take your time, and listen to your partner.


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