While it might not be for everyone, anal sex and foreplay can be incredible! A little bit of adventure and bravery can bring intense incredible pleasures. Don’t feel left behind, in fact, make sure you feel your behind! A wide range of adult anal sex toys are available, from the bum fun beginners, and all the way to the accomplished anal adventurers.

Every butthole, no matter your gender or orientation, is packed with nerve endings that can feel incredible when stimulated. Anal play should never, ever hurt, and with a guide to how to properly progress and prepare, a whole new intense world of pleasure can be realised.

We all know the usual function of the bum, so cleanliness is paramount. Whether your partner is involved, or you’re playing solo, knowing you’re clean down below helps you relax and enjoy the experience more. External cleaning in the bath and shower, and making sure you’ve been to the toilet can be all you need, but some may like to go the extra mile with an anal douche.

Always use lube. It’s very much worth repeating, Always Use Lube! The anus is not self lubricating, and no ifs or but(t)s about it, you will need lube. Water based lubes are compatible with all toys, and anal specific lubes are available.

Get warmed up and start small. Explore with a finger, stroking your anus, and with shallow penetration (and of course lube!) until you feel comfortable and relaxed to progress to something a little bigger. A small tapered butt plug is a good place to start at this point.

Aftercare is always essential, and a handy pack of toy and body wipes will have you and your toys clean and fresh again.

Mostly, enjoy, have fun, and explore our range of adult anal sex toys

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