You would be forgiven for thinking some of the younger contestants on this year’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! would be getting busy under the sheets on a daily basis. However, you’d be wrong, as it is morning television veteran Kate Garraway who has admitted to enjoying a playful romp with her husband every single day. 

The 52-year-old said she keeps her relationship with her hubby Derek Draper alive by making sure they have sex every day of the week, and even has a spreadsheet to track their sexual activities. 

This all began when the Good Morning Britain presenter took on a 14-day sex challenge in an attempt to add some spice to her marriage, Wales Online revealed.

Speaking with The Sun, Garraway said: “When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, the physical side of things can be very unspontaneous.”

“So the idea is to schedule sex and force yourself to do it once a day and make it the focus of your diary,” the celeb commented.

She went on to say her sexual experiences have changed as the years have gone by, stating: “When you’re youngster you want to be impressive, but when you get older, I think there’s a different kind of intimacy.”

Despite this, it is clear their sexual encounters have not lessened, as she boasts she became “very organised” with making sure they stuck to their daily romping schedule. 

However, now the bubbly star is starring in I’m A Celebrity, her sex life will be dry for the foreseeable future, particularly if she makes it to the final show, which is expected to air on December 8th – three weeks after entering the jungle. 

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