Everyone gets stuck in a rut where sex is concerned from time to time, especially those in long-term committed relationships. It’s just a fact of life and it’s important to remember that you won’t be the only ones feeling this way if this does ring a little bit too true at the moment.

But the good news is that you don’t have to accept this as simply being how it is now and there are all sorts of ways you can resuscitate your ailing sex life if you’re keen to see a change - and soon.

Becoming more comfortable in your own skin and getting to know your own body could have surprising benefits for you and your partner, so if you are a bit inactive and think you could get more exercise, why not give it a go? What about going to a dance class together or doing a bit of yoga?

You can do these activities together or flying solo, but either way you’re sure to notice a bit of a mood boost and feel your energy levels lift - which will make you feel great about yourself… which will translate to better sex when the lights go off.

Experimentation between the sheets is a very tried-and-tested way to spice up your love life and it’s something to think about, for sure. But make sure that you keep lines of communication open with your other half or it simply won’t work.

Go out, have a couple of drinks if you’re feeling nervous and start chatting about what fantasies you have and what you do and don’t like… now is not the time for shyness and, even if you find it hard at first, try to be honest about everything. The more you open up, the easier it will become.

From there, it’s a simple step to escalating things a little with a few sex toys here or there. If you’re feeling brave straightaway, what about giving bondage collars a go? These are a favourite of kinksters everywhere and can be used in a display of ownership and vulnerability.

Permanent collars are even worn by those in a lifestyle BDSM relationship, although you’ll probably want to build up to this instead of jumping straight in without knowing what this fully entails.

Collars come in all sorts of different materials and colours, so it’s simply a matter of doing some research and finding out what you - and your partner - prefer.

As for other sex toys, you can spice up your life with all sorts of fun stuff, from prostate strokers and strap-ons to vibrating plugs that you can wear on a night out. Get one with a remote and give your partner full control over what happens at the bar!

Check out Flo for even more top tips to give your bedroom activities a bit more oomph.

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