It seems the rest of the world is waking up to something that we’ve known for a long time: sex toys are a great way to bring a new dimension to your love life with your partner, not something that should be hidden away and kept a secret from your lover.

Forbes recently revealed that there’s growing investment in the area of sex tech, and in particular that there’s been a spike of interest in remote controlled sex toys in the past year.

That’s because a patent on remotely controlled sexual aids expired in 2018, allowing more companies to start experimenting with the tech and releasing their own devices. For couples in a long-distance relationship, these adult toys can be a godsend!

According to the news provider, some 12 per cent of Brits have got onboard with the idea of app-controlled sex toys. We’re a little behind our American counterparts, where 15 per cent of people said they use these kinds of devices.

And experts are predicting that these kinds of toys will only grow in popularity as more become available.

We think it’s pretty exciting that people are acknowledging sexual wellness and want to be part of an industry that’s promoting great sex for everyone.

There’s loads of evidence out there that shows having orgasms is great for you, whether you’re going solo, using a toy or getting some help from your partner. Check out our post about why orgasms are great if you don’t believe us - one of the benefits is that you’ll have a better night’s sleep after you orgasm and will feel more relaxed. 

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