Although it might feel as though summer is deserting us in the UK at the moment, many of you might have some late summer getaways planned and these are the perfect opportunity to add some spark to your sex life.

The Mirror recently made some suggestions about how you can ramp up the passion between the sheets - in fact one of the tips is to avoid making love in a bed at all.

If you’re pretty adventurous, al fresco sex can be a real turn on. Just be careful where you pick for a romp and if you’re overseas make sure you’re familiar with the local laws before you sneak off for a quicky somewhere inappropriate.

You can still mix things up from the comfort of your hotel room though, by jumping in the shower together. However, the newspaper advises against having sex in a hot tub, because the chemicals in the water can lead to urinary tract infections (not what you’re looking for on a romantic getaway).

Even if you’re not jetting off for a loved-up holiday, you can still introduce a bit more sizzle to your sex life at home. Send each other flirty texts during the day and make a sex to-do list together.

This is the perfect opportunity to share ideas like role playing or even using adult toys for a bit of x-rated fun.

If you think you’d like to try out some different toys while you’re on holiday, check out our top tips for travelling with a vibrator or another sex toy. If you choose the right sex toy, it won’t even be obvious what it is, so if your bags are searched, you can probably save your blushes. 

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