Sex dreams are perfectly normal, with the vast majority of people living out their bedroom fantasies when they close their eyes. However, it isn’t just our partners, friends or celebs we’re dreaming of sharing a bed with – but cartoon characters as well.

In fact, a survey by sex psychologist Dr Justin Lehmiller has revealed fantasising about sleeping with cartoons is so common that one in four of us do it.

If that doesn’t shock you, apparently one in six dream of getting jigging with an alien, a third want to get up, close and personal with a vampire or werewolf, and more than half would like some intimacy with a fictional character from a book or film, Dr Lehmiller wrote in his blog.

The psychologist explained why we’re starting to fantasise about people – or creatures – that don’t really exist: “We tend to show less arousal to the same sexual stimulus over time. In order to counteract this tendency, we need to continually introduce novelty into our sex lives – and imagining sci-fi scenarios is just one of many ways of accomplishing this.”

He also suggested those with emotional intimacy issues might try and create a psychological distance between themselves and their sexual partners – even in their dreams.

Of course, sexual fantasies don’t just have to belong to our subconscious, and there are plenty of things you can do to make your dream a reality with your partner.

You could even buy some saucy outfits, such as PVC playsuits, role-play costumes, and sexy corsets, to add some spice to your love life. 

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