If you want to make sure that your lovemaking is as exciting on your holidays as it is at home, or if you just want to ensure you can enjoy an orgasm on your own while you’re away, travelling with a sex toy isn’t a bad idea. After all, they’re small and will easily fit into your suitcase. However, many people are embarrassed at the idea of having a sex toy in their luggage.

But Bustle recently highlighted some of the top options if you want to get kinky while you’re on your travels, and there are a few tips you could take from the website’s recommendations.

For example, if you pick a sex toy that is an unusual shape, people are unlikely to realise its true purpose if it falls out of your bag.

Obviously, choosing a small sex toy is preferable to a large one, as it’s easier to pack and much more discreet. A bullet vibe is a good option if you want something simple and sleek to tuck into your bag.

Many modern vibrators also don’t fit the traditional image of a sex toy, which means they can easily be passed off as something else should someone unpack your bags at the airport.

Earlier this month, the Daily Mail pointed out that many couples have better sex on holiday than they do at other times. The main reasons being that you’re more relaxed and have more opportunities to mix things up in the bedroom.

Want to try something new on your summer getaway? Buy sex toys online to spice up your holidays with your partner.

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