Spelling and sex might not sound like things that go together, but recently the internet has been going crazy over sex advice that went viral.

Men’s Health revealed that a sex tip that originated among Kenyan women is now being tried out in bedrooms all over the world. Apparently, the way for a woman to make a man go wild when she’s on top of him is to spell the word ‘coconuts’ with her hips.

Moving in this way is said to feel amazing for a man when they’re on the bottom.

However, there have been some who remain unconvinced that spelling coconut is the way to go if you want to have incredible sex with your partner.

Although one woman did comment that it should be the guy who’s spelling coconut, but when he’s using his tongue.

Beaux Banks, a porn star, reportedly told Out that people shouldn’t just limit themselves to spelling a single word.

“Coconut is only a few letters. You need to be spelling whole sentences. If seven letters is enough for you, you must be doing something right I guess,” he stated.

Of course, spelling isn’t the only way you can mix things up in the bedroom. You could buy sex toys online to help spice things up between the sheets. Just shopping for them together and choosing the toy (or toys) you want to use on one another can be a big turn on.

One cam girl, who goes by the name of Betsy, recently told the Daily Star what she thinks men are really looking for in the bedroom, based on her experience. 

“In my experience, most of the men I’ve been with are craving the ultimate prize of making a woman orgasm,” she said.

She also offered some advice to women to help them and their partner enjoy sex more. Many women feel self-conscious and are worried about how their bodies appear, but this can stop them enjoying sex fully and therefore make it more difficult to climax.

Allowing a partner to explore your body, and building up your own body confidence, can mean that you both end up having a better time beneath the sheets.

“My best advice is to be open with your lover and express what you want from sex, it’s amazing when you’re willing to explore,” Betsy said.

Exploring fantasies together is one of the best ways to make sure you’re both satisfied in bed, so if you want to introduce toys, bondage, role-playing or anything else to your sex life the best place to begin is with a conversation with your lover.

If they’re receptive to trying something new, you can find ways to get them involved in the whole process, as well as trying it out when you feel comfortable and relaxed.

And if you want to have a go at spelling ‘coconuts’ - or any other words or phrases - while you’re in bed together, go for it. Just remember that if it’s not working for one or both of you, you can always change it up and do something different.

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