Even if you're in a relationship, there's a whole load of reasons why you might be looking for pleasure toys for men to use solo – you may just want to try them out, or you already know you enjoy them, but often it can come down to something as simple as you having more of a libido than your partner. Sex is such an integral part of many, but not all, relationships, and where there is this discord with the amount of sex you both want to have, it can cause issues that extend far beyond the bedroom. If this sounds familiar, maybe it's worth tackling it with your partner, with the help of these tips from Yahoo.

First thing's first – it can be a difficult subject to tackle, especially if you're the one with the higher sex drive, as it may make your partner feel inadequate, however having an open dialogue about sex is a great way to find solutions to the problem. There's nothing wrong with having a higher or lower sex drive after all, but finding ways that you can meet in the middle will ease any sex-related strife in your relationship. It may even mean you discover something you didn't know that will bring their libido back in line with your own.

Once the communication channels are open, think about 'scheduling' sex – it may not sound like the most romantic idea in the world, but by putting a loose framework in place, you may ease some of the tension. Frustrations can rear their head when one of the couple rejects the advances of the other, and both parties now have a bit more of an idea of when their partner will be feeling in the zone. It's also important to not get out of the habit of having sex – it's only too easy to disconnect from each other, and end up having no sex at all, which may signal the end of your relationship. It may also help to bring your libidos back into alignment over time.

Once you have a framework, it also gives you a bit more of a clue when you should save your libido for your partner and when you can take care of it yourself, if you catch our drift. Masturbating away the mismatch is perfectly normal, but it can be really annoying when you've already spent your sexual energy when your partner finds him or herself in the mood.

If you want to be truly open with your partner, explain that you'll be doing this. If you do have a mismatched libido, they may be happy for you to pick up the slack, and it means you can be a bit more open in how and when you do it. If you do want to buy sex toys online, it means that you don't have to hide them from your partner, and they may even want to help out the process sometimes, which could lead to a growth in the number of sexual encounters.

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