Men are typically regarded as having a higher sex drive than women, but this might all be a myth after a recent survey revealed nearly half of the females asked wanted sex more than their partner. surveyed 2,000 people about their sexual desires, with the results showing that 43 per cent of women have a higher libido than their bloke, reported the Sun.

It also found that nearly three-quarters of couples have experienced relationships with people who had different libidos to themselves in the past. In 62 per cent of these cases, this caused the relationship to break up.

In fact, mismatched sex drives were found to be the factor in more than half of all affairs, with 54 per cent of women and 56 per cent of guys who have cheated saying they did so because they wanted more sex than they were getting from their partner.

Spokeswoman from the dating website for married people Jessica Leoni said: “Couples with mismatched libidos are doomed – the partner with the higher sex drive will invariably end up cheating.”

She added: “There has been a long-held stereotype that it is always men who want more sex than their female partners – that is rubbish.”

Of course, this does not always have to spell the end of a relationship, and 74 per cent of women who have higher sex drives have tried to sort out the problem with their partner, while only 57 per cent of guys with a high libido have done so.

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Apparently, only a third of Brits own sex toys, which could explain why more than half are unsatisfied with their sex lives, according to a recent survey.

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