While the premise of Netflix’s new programme ‘Bonding’ sounds right up our alley for a bit of saucy Netflix and chill, some BDSM lovers have taken issue with the way that the series frames certain topics.

Inspired by creator Rightor Doyle’s own experience working as a bodyguard for a friend who moonlighted as a dominatrix, it’s fair to say that the show doesn’t get everything quite right and, of course, because it’s on Netflix, everyone who has ever even considered strapping on a chastity belt has some feelings about it. Everything from the type of work and wear that dominatrix’s do, to what a BDSM dungeon looks like to proper rope technique has all been called out on Twitter and the likes, according to The Daily Dot.

It’s the 50 Shades effect, where most of us are happy to get a little hot and steamy over the idea of a bondage club, those in the know are quick to point out the problems, and if you’re just dipping your toes into the BDSM pool for the first time, you’re unlikely to have a problem, but when it comes to more serious BDSM settings, some believe that poor representation can have serious consequences. Lacey Louix, a domme who spoke to The Daily Dot writer said that this representation is often used as a source by those entering into new territory: “Many lack proper training and often don’t understand the risks associated with some of the activities they may choose to participate in. Kink can be incredibly freeing, expressive, and fun, but consent and safety are no joke either.”

So, we guess at the end of the day if Bonding is your first introduction into BDSM culture, start to explore our leather bondage gear to your heart’s content, but before you get too stuck in, it wouldn’t hurt (and it’d probably be quite fun) to do a little research of your own. 

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