The biggest mistake men make when it comes to sex is underestimating the importance of foreplay, according to 74 per cent of women.

A recent poll for IllicitEncounters, a dating website for married people, revealed the most common mistakes each gender makes when it comes to their sexual relationships.

While the majority of women want their partners to stop rushing into intercourse, 64 per cent of men said they would like it if their partners initiated sex more often.

Jessica Leoni, spokeswoman for the dating agency, said: “We find that what primarily drives people to have an affair is bad sex. Avoid these mistakes and there is less risk of your partner cheating.”

Guys also complained their wives or girlfriends always want sex in the dark, while 46 per cent said they can tell if their partners are faking an orgasm.

Forty-two per cent of men said their ladies talk too much during sex, and 39 per cent complained their partners never want to try something new.

Experimenting is one of the best things to do to keep your sex life interesting and healthy, whether you buy adult toys online or you try some bondage masks and blindfolds. Whatever takes your fancy, it is important to communicate this with your partner so sex remains exciting for both of you!

You should also not be embarrassed about telling your sexual partner about a fetish, as the Journal of Sex Research revealed nearly half of adults crave something that is “outside of the ‘normal’ range on the sexual spectrum”.

In fact, Ms Leoni said one of the main reasons why people get fed up with each other is “because they are not prepared to change”.

Of course, women also had their fair share of niggles, with 68 per cent complaining guys always orgasm first; 62 per cent saying their partners do not touch their bodies sensitively, let alone, provocatively enough; and 52 per cent do not like their husbands or boyfriends talking dirty in a crude way.

Nearly half of women (47 per cent) also want more intimacy and communication after sex, so, guys, make sure you stick around!

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