Where do you store your sex toys? And are you open about the fact that you own one or more? It seems that many of us keep our sex toys hidden away for fear that someone we know will spot them, but is this the right way to approach things?

In a recent article for the Metro, Faima Bakar spoke to a number of people about what sex toys they own and where they keep them when they’re not in use.

The common theme was that most people hide them away, in random boxes or in the drawers of a bedside table. But should we be ashamed of owning sex toys?

Derek, 31, told the newspaper that he thinks people are generally “so uptight about it in this country”. He said: “I’m quite open around sex and sexuality. But some people seem to look down and frown upon an open attitude to it.” Derek revealed that he regularly uses sex toys with his partner because “it’s fun and we like to try things”.

He’s not the only one who thinks we should be more open about our sex toys. Liv, a sex writer, revealed that she keeps hers very neatly in a drawer. “I don’t really care who sees because I don’t think sex toys are anything to be embarrassed by,” she stated.

Dezeen recently pointed out that more and more sex toys are getting a designer makeover and look very different to the penis-shaped vibrators that might first spring to mind.

The founder of New York-based Unbound, a sextech startup, Polly Rodriguez explained that her company views “sex toys as complementary to genitalia, as opposed to being a substitute”.

If it’s been a while since you bought yourself new adult toys, it might be worth taking a look at some of the stunning new designs out there. 

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