When it comes to sex, we’re all for mixing it up in the bedroom. Google can be very handy if you want to find out exactly how to perform a particular sex position, but it seems that in the UK we’re not all that imaginative.

Flowercard analysed Google search data to find out what the most searched for sex positions are in the country. Missionary came out on top, accounting for 26.84 per cent of monthly searches, Lad Bible revealed.

In second place was doggy style, and in at third was reverse cowgirl. In total, there are over 157,000 searches each month for the six most commonly searched sexual positions (also on the list are 69, spooning, and cowgirl).

And it seems that what we’re searching for the most varies depending on where we’re based. For instance, in Poole, Dorset, reverse cowgirl was the most-searched sex position, while in Stoke-on-Trent it was missionary. Worcester, Lincoln and Exeter were among the places where doggy style was at the top of the list.

It is worth noting, however, that the research only looked at searches for these six terms, so who knows what else we’re looking up to spice things up in the bedroom.

One way to get saucy between the sheets is to experiment with adult sex toys in the UK. There’s plenty of choice out there from dildos and vibrators to butt plugs and cock rings, so choose whatever you think will turn you on.

For women, choosing a position in which they feel confident can be tricky sometimes. Take a look at our suggestions for positions where women are most likely to feel confident about their bodies. Missionary was named in a recent survey as the position women feel most confident in, while cowgirl is where they feel least confident.

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