If you like a bit of bunny fun, egg hunting, rabbit chasing or just diving down holes we've got you covered. Easter is a magical time for having fun. The weather is warmer, the days are longer and the sex outdoors is just kicking in as its been bloody freezing up until now. So, to get you in the mood here are a selection of our Easter Parade.

TENGA Egg Masturbator

NEW. Crack open the revolutionary TENGA Egg masturbator and enjoy your Best Orgasm Ever These little beauties stretch to fit any size simply add the enclosed pouch of lube and enjoy knee trembling sensations from the super tactile ribbed sleeve. TENGA Egg Clicker features a wealth of patterned nodules and nubs inside its stretchy sleeve and it delivers the ultimate ready to go RIGHT NOW orgasm. The sleeve has a rounded end with a continual pattern to completely cover the penis.

What Sex Positions Make Women Feel Confident About Their Bodies?
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Sexy Spring Cleaning!!! No such thing I hear you say. Well you'd be wrong fellow Saucy people.
Why not dress up in a naughty little maids outfit, some sexy stockings, killer heels and a good old fashioned feather duster....
The Saucy Boutique Team
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