The holiday season is fast approaching, which means it’s time to get your swimsuit and summer clothes ready for sun, sea and sand. But if you want to keep your sex life thriving when on your travels, don’t forget to bring some discreet sex toys with you.

Here is our choice of the top sex toys to put in your luggage this summer.


-      Mini vibrators

Vibrators are some of the best appliances when it comes to sexual pleasure, so it’d be a travesty to go on holiday without one. These days, you can get ones that fit into your handbag, so you don’t have to face the embarrassment of security taking out a huge Rampant Rabbit.

Some mini vibrators can even be disguised as lipsticks, so nobody would be any wiser.


-      Vibrating eggs

If you want something equally disguisable, why not bring some vibrating eggs on holiday with you? They are so dinky, some can even attach to your keyring, meaning you won’t take up your valuable luggage allowance.


-      Love rings

Guys who want to have long, memorable holiday sex should take some love rings abroad with them. These will keep you going for longer, helping to keep the passion alive in the bedroom. These rings are incredibly conspicuous so don’t worry about your bag being searched.


-      Nipple vibrators

Spice up your holiday lovemaking with some nipple vibrators. These tiny gadgets will fit into your handbag but cause a scene in the bedroom. There are vibrating, sucking and heated ones, depending on personal preferences.


Shop UK sex toys online for some more ideas. 

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