With summer having finally arrived and a heatwave across the country, many couples are wearing little more than adult lingerie to beat the heat, and perhaps create a little themselves.


However, one of the most annoying turn-offs that can be caused by the season is the stinging pain and frequent sneezes that come with hayfever, but one doctor based at Tabriz University in Iran has claimed that sex is the ultimate antihistamine.


In 2009, he noted that orgasms can help to reduce congestion, because the way in which sex leads to tighter blood vessels in the eyes and nose works in a similar way to unblock the nose and stop watering eyes, even claiming that having multiple sessions can help more depending on how severe the symptoms are.


Every summer, and nearly every day the pollen count has been high since then, this study has been showcased, but how true is it?


The answer, unfortunately, is somewhat unclear.


Some doctors in response to the study have claimed it does work, but not for the reasons Dr Zarrintan claims. Instead of some specific reaction to saucy action, the sheer rush of endorphins from a mind-melting orgasm helps to shut out any discomfort.


Others, however, have said that after that rush wears off, the immune system has to work even harder to catch up.


None of this is proven, however, and many people have sworn by sex to get rid of the sniffles ever since, either as an alternative to decongestants or to avoid taking too many of the pills in a row.


The other issue is that the studies have only looked at the effects of orgasms on men, although some women who have tried have claimed it has worked for them, although exactly how it works and whether it will work for everyone is unclear.

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