They say big isn’t always better, but many would not believe that also applies in the bedroom. However, there are cases where smaller can definitely be best.

Breasts are a surprising example. Of course, men tend to prefer bigger ones, but the fact is that if taking a lady to heaven and back is the priority, small can be a lot better. Quite simply, smaller boobs tend to be more sensitive because the nerves are less spread out, so the greater concentration of them means they can provide much more pleasure.

In fact, some may be surprised just how much pleasure can be enjoyed through breast and nipple stimulation; it really can go all the way to the big O. Nipple or breast orgasms are not a myth or something extremely rare, but something lots of women can achieve with the right stimulation and practice.

How they feel can vary from one woman to another, but now you know such things are possible, we just know you’ll want to find out. Investing in some nipple vibrators may help you along, especially if you don’t have a partner present to provide the necessary stimulation.

Yes, you read that right. There is such a thing as a nipple vibrator - and it’s precisely because an orgasm isn’t only ever something that happens ‘down there’.

Of course, this does not mean ladies who are larger upfront should despair. After all, your boobs are likely to be getting more attention to start with. At the same time, you can also use nipple vibrators to provide extra stimulation, so that if you do have larger breasts you may find ones that help increase your sensitivity so that you can share in the fun too.

It’s also a handy device to help remind the men of something important as well; don’t be in too much of a rush, because if you want your lady to reach a climax, spending a bit more time higher up can be a pretty good idea!

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