One of the few mistakes a couple can make about sex is assuming that there is a very specific way to have it that is ‘right’.


Ultimately, what feels good for some people when having a saucy liaison will depend so much on the individual that the only universal rules are that as long as you both feel good, feel comfortable and nobody is hurt, you are probably doing fine.


However, over the years many common and rather unhelpful myths have developed that only serve to make people feel more anxious and make what should be a liberating, freeing and fun experience more stressful than it needs to be.


Here are the three most common myths about sex that really need to stop.


Sex Does Not Begin At Penetration

Lovemaking is far more than the act of being horizontal with someone, and couples that fixate on just the intercourse are missing out on an entire world of sauciness.


Sex can start as early as choosing adult lingerie to wear when going out on a date or having a romantic meal together and includes all of that build-up, the teasing, the dirty talk, the foreplay, the passionate kissing, the fumbling touches and every other little bit.


You do not even need to have penetration; as long as you both feel good at the end that is what matters most.


Orgasms Are Not The Sole Focus Of Sex

It is important to clarify here that orgasms are fantastic and everyone deserves to have an incredible climax, but much like how sex does not begin at penetration, orgasms are not the only important part and focusing on it as the goal or achievement can be counterproductive sometimes.


Much like how sex begins with the slow build-up, the pleasure throughout a saucy encounter is the most important part, and it is very possible to have great sex without having an orgasm, and if you have difficulty climaxing but felt good otherwise, it does not invalidate the rest of those incredible feelings.


Great Sex Is Not Just About Chemistry

When we think about sex, we tend to overemphasise chemistry compared to the work that is often needed to build a great sex life with someone.


Chemistry can sometimes click and lead to amazing sex, but often the best way to have the best sex when in a relationship is to have an honest conversation with your partner about what you really want, and build the foundations for an incredible sex life.

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