However, it’s worth looking a little deeper to find out what it’s all about. The takeaway is, tantric sex techniques allow you to climax for longer, more intensely, and more often.


Tantric sex is an ancient practice

The art of tantric sex wasn’t invented by Sting, contrary to popular belief. It is in fact an ancient Eastern practice, that dates back over 5,000 years. It is not just focused on sex, but embraces a whole philosophy of meditation, that aims to weave together the physical and spiritual, WebMed explains. The word tantra is Sanskrit for woven together.


If this is starting to sound a bit too woolly for you, look at it this way. Do you have your best sex when you are stressed out, tired, and worrying about problems with money or work? Probably not. Tantra takes the same line of thought, aiming to align the spiritual, emotional, and sexual energies of the body, to create a more intense state of being.


How can you have a tantric experience?

Tantric sex is often thought to involve marathon sessions in bed, requiring supernatural levels of stamina. However, the truth is nothing to do with this misconception. It is simply about taking the time to focus on the build-up, in a way that anyone who has learnt some mindfulness techniques will be familiar with.


Prepare the environment

Make sure you have some time when you will be free from interruptions. Clear the room of reminders of your everyday life, and make sure it looks comfortable and inviting. Adjust the lighting levels and temperature to an ambient level, and put on some background music, or light a fragrant candle, if that helps you to relax.


Prepare your body and mind

To get your body and mind in tune, practice some (non-sexual) relaxation techniques, such as yoga stretches, mindful breathing, and muscle clenching and relaxing. When you and your partner feel ready, start with eye contact and synchronised breathing. Take your time, and be present in the moment rather than rushing into the next stage.


Start some leisurely foreplay

Start to slowly touch and undress each other, maintaining lots of eye contact. Be conscious of the way you use touch, from gentle feathery teasing, to firmer contact. To keep things slow and sexy, you could play with some adult toys. If role play is your thing, now is an ideal time to get creative and talk aboutwhat turns you on.


Try some edging techniques

The art of ‘edging’ involves working yourself or your partner up to the brink of an orgasm, and then backing off to delay the moment. This allows the sexual energy to gradually increase, and when you eventually do climax, the experience is super intense. Trying a new sexual position may help with this, as your brain won’t be anticipating the pleasure.

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