Indie adult filmmaker Erika Lust has launched an initiative that sees her 36 employees get a daily 30-minute break in which to masturbate during work hours.

According to Gentside, the campaign started at the beginning of May, which is Masturbation Month in the US and aims to de-stigmatise masturbation in everyday life. Lust also called on other businesses to join her in providing workplace wank breaks for their employees.

However, it seems that self-pleasuring while on the clock is not a new concept, as a Time Out New York survey in 2016 revealed that 39 per cent of people have admitted masturbating at work.

But there is a fine line between what is acceptable and what is inappropriate in the workplace, as noted by CNN analyst Jeffery Tobin who was fired last year for masturbating during a Zoom meeting.

Context, time and place, and most importantly, consent, are key. Thankfully, Erika Lust’s initiative doesn’t mean employees can ‘get busy’ at their desks, and the office was set up with a private ‘masturbation station’ for which employees can schedule their 30-minute slot. Maybe not a room you want to accidentally get double booked.

Explaining the thinking behind the initiative, Lust said: “With the pandemic and the huge shift in how we live our lives, I began to notice that my employees had become somewhat agitated and were performing with less energy than before.

So, knowing that theres only one thing that will make everyone feel good, Ive set up a private masturbation station for them to enjoy. I value my employees and I know that when they feel good, we do good work.”

The initiative was promoted throughout May, with updates being shared on the firm’s social media, and even an ASMR recording of the team’s sounds of self-pleasure was released for International Masturbation Day on 28 May.

Cat, Erika Lust’s head of comms and content, said: “A masturbation break at work can result in more focus from your employees, less aggression, more productivity, and better teamwork. Picture this; a team of happy employees with their creative juices flowing and being productive because theyve had some time scheduled to make themselves feel good!”


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