Many people have a sexual fantasy bucket list, and if you have a fulfilling and rich sex life, you may have already explored many of them. But are you wondering what your partner might be into?

American lube brand Pjur quizzed 2,000 sexually active people about their sex lives and found that 64 per cent of them had a bucket list of sexual goals, so if you’re looking to surprise your partner by getting hot and steamy on the back seta ion his car, or leaning to talk dirty for some phone sex, we have the top ten male sexual fantasies here.


In a car, in water, and anal sex

The most common male fantasy is getting it on in a car. A prestige motor and a beautiful partner makes for a winning combination. The second spot was getting frisky in water, from the ocean, swimming pools, showers, wherever!

The third place on the podium goes to anal sex. The taboo nature of anal sex can make it an exciting fantasy.


A one night stand, sex toys, and a threesome

The classic one-night stand fantasy gets forth peace, with the idea of an illicit almost anonymous encounter. Sex toys, whether used with a partner, on her, or on your, or whatever combination you can think of, get fifth place.

Sixth place is reserved for the old classic of a threesome, in which every combination of men and women are involved.


Role-playing, food, a sex tape, and phone sex!

Role-playing gets a well deserved seventh place, letting your imagination run wild and exploring different scenarios. Eighth place goes to bringing food into the bedroom, such as whipped cream, fruit, melted chocolate, or whatever tantalises your tastebuds!

The final places are taken up by making a sex tape in ninth, and phone sex in 10th, so you might need to practice your performance skills if either of those takes your fancy!


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