Oral sex can be one of life’s greatest joys, and there have been studies that show it is a more effective way for women to achieve orgasm than penetrative sex. However, some women can get distracted by their insecurities to fully immerse themselves in the pleasure, unable to let go and simply enjoy, instead of being too lost in their own thoughts.

However, it need not be like that, and there are a range of strategies and techniques to try, from finding the right sexy-time playlist to experimenting with the Kivin Method, to help you settle in to it, or enhance the pleasure if you’re already a cunnilingus connoisseur.

Here are 8 ideas for how to enjoy oral sex more.


1. Put your pelvic-floor muscles to good use

Your pelvic muscle you exercise with Kegels is the orgasm muscle. Try practising your Kegels while receiving oral sex to help reach orgasm.


2. Get physically comfortable in your environment

Being comfortable is everything. Make sure you find a position that supports you, maybe with a pillow under your bum, or have your partner support your hips. You might also want to check the thermostat before stripping off and diving into bed, as if it’s either too cold or too hot, you will not feel comfortable.


3. Bring in relaxation techniques

To reduce any tension, consider breathing in and out slowly to relax and centre yourself. Holistic sex coach Kim Anami says that practising a four-count inhale and a four-count exhale from beginning to end can help elevate your sex play and orgasm to new heights, while also lowering your stress levels.


4. Give your partner directions

Don’t be afraid to give directions, or to guide your partner’s head to get the right pressure. They are wanting to please you, so any direction on how to do that better will always be well received.


5. Experiment with flavoured lube

Anyone who loves to go down on a woman will tell you that a healthy valve tastes amazing! But with a little flavoured lube, your partner will want to dive into you if you also taste like blueberry pie! Just be careful to choose a lube that is pH-balanced and doesn’t contain glycerin.


6. Experiment with face-sitting

Riding your partner’s face will allow you to take control and guide the direction of your partner's lips and tongue at the angle you need for maximum stimulation.


7. Put on some music

A fantastic sexy-time playlist can provide a helpful distraction for any sex-noise insecurity, and can even help your partner keep up a good rhythm and maybe pick up the tempo.


8. We need to talk about Kivin

The Kivin Method is essentially sideways oral, and it helps to stimulate hidden hotspots in your vulva with a broader tongue. Crucially, it can help you reach orgasm in 3 minutes flat.

The clitoris isnt just a little external nub but instead is a much larger, and longer, internal organ boasting thousands of pleasurable nerve endings. Instead of being licked up and down, which would miss out on stimulating some parts of the clitoris, with the Kivin method, licking occurs lengthways, meaning that stimulation is spread over a larger surface area.


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