At long last the coronavirus restrictions are beginning to ease, and we can meet and socialise outside to some extent —not to mention visit the hairdressers! If you have formed an online relationship this winter which you are looking to take to the next level, here are a few ideas to add some fun to your first face to face meeting!

1. Arrange an outdoor sports or fitness class
If you there is a sport or activity that you both enjoy, it can help to break the ice to organise a match or class for your first date. It will get the feel-good endorphins flowing, and will take the pressure off for any first-date nerves. Remember to keep it fun and light-hearted— you don’t want to turn things into an Olympic competition just yet.
You will also have something to talk about if the post-event drink conversation isn’t flowing as well as you hoped. Don’t be afraid to say so if face to face dating still feels a little weird, as sharing vulnerabilities can create a deeper bond, Cosmopolitan magazine explains. 

2. Visit an amusement park
If sporty activities are not your thing, then an amusement park or zoo, which are open in England from the 12 April, are a good alternative. It will give you plenty of conversation-starting opportunities and shared experiences to bond over. You can also use a stomach-churning ride as an outlet for any anxiety or nervousness and share your feelings openly.

3. Picnic in the park
Parks will be starting to bloom, so there is nothing wrong with a traditional picnic if the weather is nice. Pack up a blanket and your favourite food and drink and you’re good to go. Even though we may still have to socially distance, it is still possible to create intimacy through eye-contact, sharing hopes and plans, active listening, and laughter. 
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