How are the predictions for the latest trends and fads going to affect your bedroom antics in 2021? Well, the COVID-19 restrictions mean there’s likely to be plenty more lockdown masturbation, but beyond that, expect to see more inclusive language, sexual telehealth, and apparently, intimate grooming for men.

After almost a year of lockdown restrictions, there can’t be many of us who haven’t thanked for the internet to help connect us with loved ones and lovers. Virtual sex, from steamy video calls to virtual sex parties to the simple pleasure of internet porn, has been a lifesaver for many. Here is our brief forecast of the sex tends for the year ahead.


Sexual wellness will be a priority

There was a huge increase in the sales of sex toys in 2020, suggesting a renewed focus on self-pleasure, which is expected to continue, as we carry on enjoying connecting with ourselves and enjoying our own pleasure.


Intimate grooming for men

Some brands will be launching product ranges that are targeted specifically to men’s sexual pleasure and wellbeing. If your man has a beard and likes beard oil, maybe he’ll be intrigued by pubic hair oils! There will be more solo sex toys designed for the penis also.


More inclusive, sex-positive language

Expect to see a massive shift in the way we use language and education that affirms that pleasure is healthy, and sex is to be explored, whiter that’s solo or with others, that it’s ok to not be ok, and that marginalised communities deserve to be heard and witnessed.


Sexual spaces online

With more social networks tightening up their restrictions on sexual and sexualised content, the sex and health industry has been leaving them in droves and making their own online safe spaces.

New social platforms such as (which has yet to launch in the UK) provide safe places for all to explore their sexualities, health, and wellness.


Sexual health apps will move beyond simply delivering results to mobile devices and will encourage people to share ‘safe to play’ results, which may even be integrated into dating apps.


Gamification of sexual pleasure

There may be an increase in games that connect to remote sex toys, such as Clitar Hero, a touch screen game that matches specific pleasure techniques with music, allowing you to play your way to an orgasm. Sounds fun, but it also teaches about normalising girls’ sexual pleasure. More brands may use gamification to engage and educate.


Telehealth for sexual dysfunctions

Many brands such as Hims and Hers, Numan, Manual, and Elanza Wellness have helped facilitate medical and professional help being delivered directly to the safety of people’s homes. It might have taken a global pandemic, but it is a move that has forever changed traditional clinical care, advice, and sexual health, and has been much welcomed.

Why not spend your coming year, well, coming! Explore your own sexual pleasure and wellness, and if you’re looking for an online adult sex shop to grow your arsenal of toys, visit our websitetoday.

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