We have all had to become a little more inventive to keep the spark alive in our sex lives this year, whether we’re getting down and dirty with a partner or going solo.

One room that can be a surprisingly great space for sex is the bathroom. How can you take this to the next level of sauciness and really make the most of what’s available in this space? Cosmopolitan recently shared some ideas.

The magazine noted that when we think of bathroom sex, most of us go straight for the shower, but we’re overlooking a really useful piece of kit - the sink!

This is a great place for the receiving partner to sit (provided the sink is super secure, of course) - as the publication noted it’s easy to spread your legs and give your partner great access and you could even introduce some additional sensations with running water from the taps behind you.

Another simple way to spice up bathroom sex is to do it doggy style in front of a mirror so you can both watch.

Partnered sex is all well and good, but you can still have some fun in the bathroom if you’re single. Try mixing up the intensity of the showerhead settings, as well as the temperature of the water, to stimulate your clitoris.

Or, check out our online adult sex shop to find a waterproof vibrator that you can take into the shower or bath with you. The addition of the water and different temperatures will lead to new levels of pleasure when they’re paired with a toy.

If you’re jumping in the shower with someone else, check out the tips offered by Mind Body Green recently. Among the advice is to make sure you’re using the temperature, steam, pressure, wetness and slipperiness to your advantage.

It’s also important to stay safe, so make sure that you have a non-slip mat on the floor to help you keep your grip!

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