We’re willing to bet the answer is probably ‘No’, because there are a lot more than you might initially think. When we talk about erogenous zones and sexual arousal, we naturally think of the obvious ones (clitoris, penis, vagina, g-spot and maybe the anus).

However, there are so many more to discover and enjoy, either solo or with your partner. Cosmopolitan recently shared a list of 28 (yes, you read that correctly) erogenous zones!

So, which ones have you been neglecting and where could you have some fun?

We’re going to start with the nipples and, although you might find this an obvious one, what you may not know is that nearly a third of people who identify as women can orgasm just from nipple play. The magazine noted that it’s a sensitive area for men too, so it’s well worth exploring this further.

Moving on to some of the zones you may not have thought of and the belly button is also on the list. As it’s so close to the genital area, it can be a good point to spend some time before you go any further and it’s an area that’s best teased gently with your tongue or fingers.

Another lesser known erogenous zone is the feet. We’re not talking about foot fetishes here, but about pressure points on the soles of the feet that can increase arousal when they’re touched.

For even more erogenous zones, check out this article from Net Doctor which identified a staggering 36 places to explore.

These included the small of the back, the inner arms and even the inside of the ankle. It basically sounds like our whole bodies can become erogenous zones when they’re stimulated in the right way!

Why not add a new dimension to your sex life with nipple vibrators or some other sex toys to stimulate the various parts of your and your partner’s body?

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