The coronavirus and the lockdown measures have led to many people swapping the office for the kitchen table, but according to a new survey, it seems almost three out of five people have been using the work from home situation to get a little frisky!

The survey, conducted by OnePoll, aimed to lift back the covers on the sex lives of millennials and baby boomers, and apparently, 58 per cent of us have had sex while on the clock, according to the Metro.

The survey shows some distinct differences between the generations. Millennials are getting twice as much as baby boomers, and the younger generation has used the lockdown to become more sexually adventurous, with 68 per cent saying they had tried out new sex positions and spiced things up in the bedroom since the coronavirus pandemic began.

The survey, conducted in conjunction with #Lubelife, showed that since the beginning of the pandemic, 67 per cent of millennials said their sex life has substantially changed.

46 per cent said they spend more time with their partner, while a further 42 per cent have found themselves intentionally making an effort to spice up their sex life.

Almost 40 per cent have experimented more with their partner in the bedroom while 46 per cent found that they had a lot more time to devote to sex due to working from home.

Regardless of generation, over a quarter of respondents are more likely to try something new in the bedroom during lockdown than ever before.

"Lockdown has brought a lot of things to people's lives, but research has revealed [it has] allowed millennials to amplify their sex lives and embrace new, positive habits," said Tara Merkle, Senior Director, #Lubelife Marketing.

If you want to spice things up a bit between Zoom calls during your workday, why not look at our bedroom fantasy costumes. Just remember to change before your next virtual meeting!

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