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Vac U Lock Panty Harness Briefs S/M

vac, lock, panty, harness, briefs, s/m, attachments

Soft, breathable stretch cotton briefs with a reinforced front panel for stabiltiy and elastic band to keep packers in place. Two built in pockets for vibrating bullets which are not included. The briefs can be used with any Vac U Lock compatible att..


VacULock 8 inch Black Attachment

vaculock, inch, black, attachment, attachments

Realistic Dong attachment for the Vac-U-Lock System. Incredibly realistic feel, texture and color. High quality material for hours of strap-on fun! Can be used with or without the harness...


VacULock 8 inch Flesh Attachment

vaculock, inch, flesh, attachment, attachments

These amazing dongs can be used with the Vaculock system harness, alternatively, they can be used as standalone dildos. Either way, you and your partner will enjoy hours and hours of joyous strap on penetrative playtime fun that will bring body shaki..


VacULock Classic 8 inch Attachment

vaculock, classic, inch, attachment, attachments

This Vac U Lock attachment is a Classic. It is straight with molded veins, and can be used alone or with the Ultra Harness 2 and Plug..


VacULock Crystal Jellie Pink 8 inch Atta...

vaculock, crystal, jellie, pink, inch, attachment, attachments

Yet another gorgeously erotic excellent dong for the Vaculock system, another you can add to your growing collection of sensational dongs. This is an excellently crafted pink jelly dong which measures a stunning and pleasing 8 inches x 1 inches, and ..


VacULock Deluxe Suction Cup Plug Accesso...

vaculock, deluxe, suction, cup, plug, accessory, attachments

This super strong lever-release suction cup is specially designed to fit any attachment in the Vac-U-Lock collection and powerfully adheres to any smooth, non-porous surface. This suction cup was designed for the hands-free use of all your favourite ..


VacULock Drill Attachment

vaculock, drill, attachment, attachments

The Rotator Adapter attachment turns any drill into a heavy duty fucking tool. It is crafted of smooth polished metal, and fits any drill with a standard bit adapter. It is made to work with any vac u lock dildo. The spinning sensation created by thi..


VacULock Jeff Stryker Realistic Attachme...

vaculock, jeff, stryker, realistic, attachment, attachments

Have your lover gasping in anticipation and writhing in orgasmic pleasure with this massive replica moulded from the man himself. This gorgeously satisfying monster is just like Jeff Strykers real penis and measures an incredible 10 inches x 2 inches..


VacULock Knuckle Up

vaculock, knuckle, attachments

Taking hands on play to the next level, this feisty Knuckle Up accessory will delight and amaze you with its novelty, functionality, and its undeniable cool factor. The Knuckle Up accessory is compatible with the entire selection of Vac U Lock attach..


VacULock Kong Realistic Dong Attachment

vaculock, kong, realistic, dong, attachment, attachments

The Kong, king of the bedroom and sexual playtime! Kong the beast of eroticism. The Kong Realistic, a full beastly 9 inch x 2 inch of orgasmic power. Kong attaches to your Vaculock harness system or EZ Rider for eye popping erotic pleasure, construct..


VacULock Natural Double Penetrator Attac...

vaculock, natural, double, penetrator, attachment, attachments

Double the orgasmic pleasure of your Vaculock system with this stunningly erotic double penetrator for vaginal and anal simultaneous stimulation. Made of strong durable latex with a natural feel that will have your lover trembling with desire and exp..


VacULock Perfect 7 inch Attachment

vaculock, perfect, inch, attachment, attachments

The 7 Perfect Realistic Vac-U-Lock attachment. 7 of perfectly molded Realistic Erection to get the blood flowing! Not too big, not too small, just right...


VacULock Powder Lubricant

vaculock, powder, lubricant, attachments

VAC U LOCK powder lubricant comes in a easy to use dispenser, that makes attaching and detaching of VAC U LOCK attachements smooth and easy...


VacULock Saw Attachment

vaculock, saw, attachment, attachments

The Fucking Adapter is a high quality, affordable fucking tool. It is electro polished for a super smooth surface. It fits any vac u lock dildos, so you are not tied down to one particular cock. It can be used in the anus or vagina. The Fucking Adapt..


VacULock Thin 7 inch Natural Dong Attach...

vaculock, thin, inch, natural, dong, attachment, attachments

Does your lover need a slimmer penis so you can enjoy without being over stretched. This is a beautifully designed Thin 7 inch only 1 inches wide natural dong with realistic looking veins, flesh coloured, and made from strong pvc for that natural tou..

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